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Anarchist aesthetics is created in struggle and cannot be given. Dadaism and punks understand that. But it's sad to just stay there. Because it just becomes a superficial attitude. Anarchism always keeps pace with the times, but when we talk about aesthetics, it seems that the topic becomes very narrow.

During the Spanish Civil War, the use of revolutionary symbols was very common. These are the products of a particular historical period, and they are often used as propaganda. With the change of times, memes have become popular now. But these have not yet risen to aesthetics. It can be aesthetic when a fighter fires at a fascist, but propaganda doesn't. But even so, a Gothic aesthetic can always be found in the stubborn far left: even if times have changed, stubborn revolutionaries seek their way home in an eternal night.

In my personal understanding, anarchism should not be an ideological dogma, but a kind of self inspiration. It is always something to be explored and closely related to the struggle of our times. And the struggle of anarchism cannot be separated from an individual, which always makes it go from the bottom up. In this era, liberalism is very popular culture and capitalist media, but this method is not a struggle.

But what is the aesthetics of struggle? After all, a given aesthetic is something to be broken. Like Baudelaire, an artist is good at discovering beauty, but it may come from ugly things, such as demons. In other words, such an aesthetics always confronts with its times. Or, as Foucault mentioned, people with bad reputation may come from margin of society. They are vagabonds, deserters, traitors, criminals or weirdos. A dark legend always collides with power.

Such a struggle is decadent to some extent in Christian civilization, but at the same time it is eternal. It depends on what we fight for. And it is worth our continuous writing and creation. In a way, it's anti hero and anti folly.

If we can't realize how much fear, pressure, boredom and hatred are brought to us by the current era of complete reactionary, how can we find the beauty of fighting against it? It doesn't need any epic or industrial design. It may come from a healed heart, or from the unknown. For me, there is always a sense of beauty in stories like this: the waves of darkness are scouring the world, but we have to fight a war with no hope of victory. This is our terrible time. Under the control of its global media and eyeball economy, all atrocities seem to be covered up, but for individuals, it is always a big deal. In particular, with the emergence of financial markets, a war society has been concealed under the so-called peace. It kills a lot of people, but no one talks about it on social media. People hypnotize themselves in a disguised friendly environment. What does it mean to struggle in such an environment?

People always like to hypnotize themselves among the masses and then establish a political culture. But this kind of struggle will not produce new things. Only a kind of struggle aesthetics can do, it often comes from various individuals and groups. The anarchists in Greece who put on gas masks and confront the police are doing well. If we want to create a kind of beauty for the end of civilization, this is appropriate. But there's no need to stick to fixed forms. Beauty is always diverse: a peddler who died with the police, Dostoevsky's basement man and demons, a vengeful woman, and so on. They always tell us what the times are like.