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This is charity, not mutual aid. Where is the reciprocity?
If you "set up food distribution and free clothing stores in parks in the underprivileged neighborhoods in our communities" how is this different than what food banks or the salvation army does, in terms of the relationship of giving-receiving? A bunch of people got together to gather resources to hand over to another group, donors and receivers.

Don't be ashamed if you want to do charity, specially if you're not explicitly anarchist, there's no shame in it. It's widely accepted and praised. Charity need not belong to the State or NGO's.

"Serve the people, do political education and help catalyze a larger autonomous movement."

Servitude is not "anarchic", this is paternalist clientelist politics. Even in clientelism you see models where the relationship is more reciprocal, the politicians gaining votes for their favors. In this case of grassroot charity, the philanthropists don't have an overabundance of personal wealth, but can gather up the surplus of capitalist overproduction, same as those who dumpster dive, except those who dumpster could either do so to satisfy their own need, or for charity like food not bombs.

And yes, people's needs and suffering is real, that's why charity works, that's why government and employment works; submissiveness leads to servitude leads to misery.