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While I did underline that this is not mutual aid and not anarchist in spirit, and although I did mention that there's no shame in charity, I will emphasize this now for clarity:

Charity is as inevitable in modern life as employment and schooling (all things that some manage to avoid, but not most).
Acts of charity are as mundane as giving spare change to a person busking at a stoplight on your daily commute to work.
Middle class people drop off the clothes they got tired of wearing for years for donation to clear their closets everywhere without giving it much thought. People donate some cans for each food drive in the same unthinking way they buy cookies for girl scouts or pay taxes (some begrudging it or some with a sense of a righteous duty well executed).

There's no shame in it (or rather, no shame in giving, it's the receiving position which is humbled but that gratitude that is forced upon them, or the humbled position they chose to put themselves in out of convenience, humbled being a euphemism), but let's not delude ourselves.