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They're the original corporate logos. Nietzsche once wrote that there was only one Christ and he died on the cross. Carlin added to this by saying it's a Christian crutch they use to tell YOU (not them) how you should live, a rationale for poking fingers into the lives of others.

And I realized the corporate logo part on acid, thinking about the controversial art installation Piss Christ and wondering why anyone was offended at a mere depiction of a mythological figure. Also, the early christian pilgrimages (as depicted by Chaucer) were folks coming far and wide to see shrines in a way that the clout of these artifacts was more important ("we've got a piece of Paul's robe at our abbey") and helped raise funds.

It never seemed about taking the lessons and embodying them.

All you really need to know from the bible: the ways of men are fallible.