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It was also an abrupt mess (jarring) seeing him die, then right after saw his freshly dead head off and thow it onto a pile of what looked like crushed ice in one of those documentaries about him.

I will never understand the country-esque boring noodling of the Grateful Dead, but Owsley Stanley is a more interesting figure than Leary will ever be in my eyes. He was also a successful early non-indigenous-based carnivorous eater. And sorry vegans he didn't die from that. Someone ran their car into his.

That is, unless he is the dude responsible for both of those massive STP drops in SF, London June/July 1967. That substance sent a lot of folks over the edge (the onset was extremely delayed, and the effects mostly described as negative and lasting as long as 3 days), and put a nail in white people's ideas of the 60's (black & indigenous folks would keep on keeping on).