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Leaflet left at the premises of La Stampa

from Translated from Italian to English by act for freedom now!

Turin, Italy – Leaflet left at the premises of La Stampa

Turin’s press of the regime reports that a group of anarchists threw leaflets and paint against the premises of La Stampa on 24th November. We are spreading an image of the leaflet thrown against one of the headquarters of those mercenary scribblers:

You are the terrorists!

You, who manipulate information according to what is commissioned to you by those who command

You, who with complicit silence conceal what power doesn’t want to be known, such as the massacre in Italian prisons last March, with 14 dead and thousands of prisoners brutally beaten

You, who indoctrinate public opinion to criminalize those who rebel against the laws of discrimination, exploitation and death

Today, when hundreds of anarchists are on trial, in jail or under custodial measures

Today, when in the bunker courtroom of Le Vallette the Scripta Manent trail is coming to an end, a trial that wants to label anarchism of action as massacre

We are here to bring you a little taste of the anger which the misinformation of the regime, tribunals or prisons will never manage to extinguish