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Communique from Anarchist Prisoners Juan Aliste & Marcelo Villarroel

via AMW

With fraternal subversive affection, we salute all those who walk in the same path of struggle, for total liberation and the destruction of carceral society.

From vibrant love in war, we embrace all those who for years have accompanied us, day in and day out, in resistance to confinement and against all forms of control and punishment. We wholly assume each challenge brought daily in combat, since the day we decided to engage in conflict against the world of power and authority.

It has been decades of struggle without pause nor comfort, without abandoning the always present subversive memory of resistance. We raise the legacy of our dead, our prisoners, and those on the run, who have not ceased to contribute to the conflict. From their different temporal locations, the persistence of the struggle has been constant.

We refuse to be silent or complicit in the normality that exists. We vindicate all and every one of the antagonistic practices that seek to break the chains that oppress us. Just as we refuse to seek symbolic postures inside the wide spectrum of subversive combat positions. Regardless, we are alive and strong, always present as concrete proof of the struggle in first person, never abandoned to the oscillation of history.

We make a call to redouble forces of all types, in order to destroy the walls of the prisons. All energy and willingness to struggle daily is vital in this moment. Power has modified the legal framework again and again to keep the prisoners of the social war, of the revolt, and of the struggle for Mapuche liberation, behind bars, kidnapped by the state.

Against the modification of the retroactive decree law 321.

For the annulment of the sentences issued by the military prosecutors from the ‘90s, which are still used to keep us held hostage.

For the liberation of the prisoners of the social war, of the revolt, and those in the struggle for Mapuche liberation.

Strengthen ties, strengthen complicity, wake up consciences, deepen actions to destroy every last bastion of carceral society!

Internationalist solidarity and fraternity for the demolition of the prisons!!

Against the state, prison and capital: social war!!

While there is misery, there will be rebellion!

Juan Aliste Vega

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda

Anarchist, autonomous and subversive prisoners

High-security prison of Santiago de Chile

End of December 2020

Received by email.