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Might means the same as power. The etymology implies the conjugated form "I/you/they/we might", which related to a capacity or potential of being able to achieve something, and also to successfully exert influence on others.

The problem I got with "power", is about the same as Chisel, power can be a relation on people upon other people, and usually that's the implied meaning. I say a wish and others obey, then it's pretty clear I have power over them. Same for when I talk for hours in a meeting and everyone listens without interrupting, or when I throw an unfounded accusation at somebody and no one questions that openly. That is power. Commies are full into power-building as they see no problem with that aspect of power.

I'd rather go for STRENGTH than power, as strength equates to a capacity, talent or skill without potentially becoming a domination thing (which would be called coercion or force). The fact of possessing strength doesn't make you coercive or manipulative on others by default, But having power... it's a far too risky position, especially when it comes to your usual alpha male.