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whatever billy. that's exactly the kind of thing anarchists definitely should be developing analysis around, imo. I'm not sure about these definitions people are floating but that's because this stuff is mystified and we probably have huge disagreements and misconceptions that could do with more scrutiny.

I prefer coercion and/or force for more literal, individual level stuff and power for abstraction, as in structural.

literally been watching relatively minor conflicts within small anarchist groups become large problems exactly because of how people haven't thought through this stuff. It's part of how you move from a reactive, oppositional set of opinions to something more functional.

example: it's really easy to sit around saying you hate the cops but it's very complicated to replace them with organized efforts to punt very unpleasant, toxic people out of a community. when is force or coercion ever appropriate? if you say "never", I find your anarchist analysis to require some more work.