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TOTW: Disagreements About Anarchy

Disagreements about anarchy!

Isn't that the only thing that's left of it? Sometimes it seems so, judging by the ongoing discussions in the Anews comment section. Isn't that all there ever was? Sometimes it seems so, while engaging with Shawn P. Wilbur's ongoing workshop "Constructing Anarchisms". Isn't anarchy something that has consistently defied synthesis throughout its history? Specially considering since at the end of the workshop everyone will end up with their own unique anarchism, one could expect many unique versions with stark differences and points of disagreement and divergence. Is anarchy anything else but a series of specific disagreements?

What are your favorite disagreements about anarchy, perhaps some you'd like to see more discussion about? Which disagreements about anarchy annoy you the most? Which do you think are crucial to settle once and for all? Which would you prefer people to agree to disagree? Which are the disagreements about anarchy that you're fed up with and can't stand to listen anarchists bicker about any more? Which terminology and slogans do you prefer and which do you avoid? Which strategies and tactics, or which approaches to daily life, do you prefer and which do you avoid? How does your own unique idiosyncrasies about anarchy shape your daily life as an anarchist and how does it differ from that of other anarchists who disagree with you?