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ethics is just whatever values system you have in your head and an anarchist should probably spend more time than the average person exploring the implications of their values. that said, it's a totally abstract thing, it doesn't actually cause any issues whatsoever, except possibly mental anguish for the person whose brain these values exist in.

what causes the issues is enforcement of values: whether it's guilt or peer pressure or violent coercion or a thousand other things. if I have an ethical judgement, it's just a thought in my head, can't even influence another person until I start to DO something with it: harass them, criticize, force, etc.

ethics or values is just ... something literally everybody is always doing every day and talking about doing away with it or being above it is ridiculous, or worse, a smokescreen for shitty behaviour.

enforcement is about power dynamics and after years of watching people confuse these two things, I'm convinced that any theory that doesn't make clear distinctions around this is junk and will only confuse people further.