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The leftists have never really gotten over the inner wars/WW2 period and have created a phantom ideological enemy that they feel must be beaten back never to return again. In actuality the rise of fascist states was very historically specific to things like emergent corporatism and autarky and it will likely never be the force it was ever again just as leftism and anarchism will never be the historical force they used to be before WW1.

Fascism nowadays is more of a political gang identity structure just as leftism and anarchism are today. It's not something to form an entire anti-position around or try to be a preventative force against another force that will likely never be what it was in 1933 ever again. If anything the more problematic phenomena is the fact that anti-state positionality has suffered with the most odious example being statist focus antifa types. At worse you have AINO(Anarchist In Name Only) types like Vaush who are pretty much statists against fascism. This is partly aided by this Marcusean drive for repressive tolerance. MANY leftists(including one too many anarchists) support that idiots means/ends to protect so called subalterns and it drives much of the speech control that you see from the modern Marcusean repressive tolerance informed left.