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still. STILL peddling this shit ziggles?!

You know, back in the day, you at least had to move from town to town when all the locals caught on that your "health tonic" was snake oil.

But I'm just as stubborn! No. Your definition of fascism is junk. It fails to understand the real function of the forces of reaction. They are the guard dogs and death squads of certain factions among the wealthy. Their purpose is to check and smash grassroots and populist movements as they begin to form, due to deteriorating material conditions. Therefore, conditions get bad enough, ultra reactionary movements will form to crush dissent. That's the game. The apparent differences are just minor adjustments of said game.

and conditions are definitely going to worsen. and anyone who wants to be able to participate or organize in any meaningful or visible way, will need to anticipate the attacks by reactionaries. call them whatever you want, most people stick with the F word because history is the fastest way to explain all this.