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Are not the same thing Lumpdumpster. When I look for a fascist diagnosis I like to be acute and see if it checks out with the doctrines set out by Mussolini and Gentile. In the Trump phenomena case it does and it doesn't. The Trump movement at its core is a right wing populist movement. While it may correlate with fascism more so then a leftist movement it's not necessarily the same thing. In the US what you have is a discursive narrative war between a fading western propertarian ideology and world societal stake holder capitalist ideology. That's what drives much of this tension. It is simply not the same thing as what was driving the forces in Germany and Italy. For one thing the fascists ended up governmentally innovating certain things that are still around to this day in terms of labor/state/capital assimilation under a different guise(paid vacation for one thing). Contemporary fascism in the US-to the degree that it's even a thing-is simply not doing that.

When you look at a more actual fascist phenomena like what exists in Greece or Italy it is NOWHERE near what it was 80-90 years ago and the US is nowhere near that. For one thing one of the factors that helped give rise to it was tertiary part democratic voting options which is more of a continental European thing the a US thing. The US does not have tertiary party voting options to make something like a fascist political party come to power. To the degree that the deflated F is a thing in the US it's largely a fringe element of a broader reactionary counterculture.

As usual, I'm right and your wrong.