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More than just drawing distinctions... taking apart tendencies, ideologies and movements that have always been closely connected. Trying to isolate them in the vain hope of deconstructing what's common knowledge, but it fails.

Fascism totally was Right populist, in the case of the Nazis, Mussolini's regime, Franco's Spain and the Iron Guards. The Nazis relied especially on a brand of workerism, and their populism is in their central motto (Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein F├╝hrer). Yet all of these movements were also brutally reactionary, in how they went after revolutionaries of the time, just like against liberal (anti-monarchist) republics. These movements/groups also worked closely with the wealthy establishment and royal families to keep them in power, and go to war against the progressive democratic movements.

The Trumptard fascists are also equally reactionary in how they are anti-progressive, against the entire Left including anarchists, and OPENLY for a return to a long-lost "America", which in the case of the NeoConfederates, means a return to full White supremacy.

It's a compliment to be regarded as "wrong" by the troll lord of all Anews bad-faith shitposting, and I'm sure you're making Lumpentroll proud, Sir NEINzige.

Also you should be thankful someone else than him gave two minutes of their time writing you a reply. Good feelings around here... good feelings.