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I'm the one making the distinctions while you're not. There are obvious distinctions to be made within the continuum of right wing populism. Of course fascism is A PART of it but not anywhere near the whole. Consider with left wing populism you have things that run the gamut from anarchism(however dubious)to tankietarded stalinism. It's no different with the right wing of things. You're just like those right wing retards who say all left populist politics=communism. In both cases you have factions that don't like each other.

The Trump thing does have fascists obviously(who are NOWHERE NEAR power) but it also has black and gold Michael Malice libertarian types. It's retarded that I even have to point this out to you. I know I'm the autist here who is a stickler for accuracy in regards to what is and isn't fascism but your reasoning doesn't work even on a basic level.

Go look at yourself in the mirror and laugh at that silly logic of yours.