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“My vapid sloganeering didn’t work! I’m flustered and don’t have a good answer, so let me engage in childish insults to mask the poverty of my ridiculous liberal politics!”

Or idk maybe you’re just shitposting. If so, then I can’t rly judge.

Anyways, all my organizing rn is about gettin a place “innawoods”.

Sorry/Not sorry.

Honestly, this is how I see you —-


Hm? Oh yeah I predict climate change/civil war/coronapocalypse will totally cause liberal democratic institutions to collapse in my life time, giving way to a hi-tech police state.

Also Leftist:

And so that’s why my life plan is...

1. Live in a big city (bc guilt or something).
2. Specialize in artsy or white collar type work.
3. Learn zero practical skills.

Great idea, genius.