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Are tenuous and questionable to varying degrees. There is no unified peopling under indigenous or other minority identity categories. Colonialism is a branching problem of statism and not a root problem.

When it comes to the claim of systemic racism(through on and throughout as opposed to official) people like Wilfred Reilly and Kmele Foster have made a very convincing case that these are not things that exist today(the former actually looks at hard stats and pops a lot of leftist talking point balloons). There’s not much evidence that racism is anything more then a 3 percent problem. The disparities that still exist have multifactoral explanations beyond hard racism.

The police problem is essentially a problem of class/property protection and enforcement along with the problem of the construct and concept of crime and the enforcement of law. There will always be demographics and psychographics that suffer from the spook of law order and crime as a consequence. White Supremacy was always a function not an intent of this.