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TOTW: Against the map makers

even anarchist map makers?

Topic of the week - Anarchist decolonization. Settler colonialism is ongoing and continues to play into the fabric of contemporary society, and what this means for resistance becomes an important question for anarchists who seek radical liberatory visions of the future. Continuing the long tradition against colonialism, the state, and capitalism, this week we’re taking a look at anarchist decolonization.

What does anarchist decolonization mean to you? Upon waking up, is the first thing you ask yourself: “how can I contribute to the struggles against ongoing forms of colonialism?”[1] For example, depending on how one arrives and engages with land, how do anarchists contribute to the struggles against ongoing forms of colonialism? What are your favorite anarchist articulated radical future visions of land and space? How do anarchists step outside and away from the academic language of decolonization to support actual struggles?

What is anarchist settlerism and who are settler anarchists? How can anarchist settlers resist in context, and against a settler colonialism that is intimately connected to capitalism and the state, while strengthening the anarchist space and creating anarchist futures here and now?

[1] Peter Gelderloos said this in a recent interview with Alexander Dunlap, who has written some anarchist texts on decolonization, also published on this website