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I hear you, I feel like it should be obvious for us to have these conversations, even if they only go as far as "smash the state" in terms of action/results. The thing that resonated with me was your experience at your decolonize workshop, because as I've gotten older I realize how important it is for anarchists (or any radicals tbh) to have your fucking "chill-switch" turned on sometimes.

That said, as far as practical decolonization, there are individual things to do, maybe . . . I try to not to fetishize pristine, old growth wilderness and reject connecting to the land as mysterious green scenery viewed monolithically. Ecosystems exist all around us and it's important to me to connect with them where they are, instead of where I assume they should be. I also try not to look at land and see what I can do to shape it to benefit me, this is a tricky one because I also like permaculture and swidden/fallow type relationships. I learned the names and some of the uses of the plants and fungi that assemble themselves into the bioregion I live in and appreciate what that has done to shape my worldview. I try and encourage those attitudes and practices when I raise my child. I also do things on my own to physically combat colonization , I pull Ivy, Clematis and Scotch Broom when the mood strikes, which might not seem like much, but it means something to me and I think that matters. And just reading the history and beliefs of the original people, even if anthropology is pretty whack at times, can provide an important context/perspective.