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Totally. My inroad to these ideas was supposed to be green anarchist theory, but that failed me (or maybe it was a necessary precondition? I dunno). But it was mushroom hunting that really did it for me, because it forced (or reinforced) a new world-view, a meaningful change in perspective. What was a trip though, was then learning that none of the original people where I live ate mushrooms. But emulating or, probably a better word, copying, the lifestyles or diets of the tribes that used to steward my bioregion doesn't seem right to me either.

I think I might be onto something when I instill certain values, lessons and perspectives into my parenting, but who knows how that will shape out? I do think the question of colonization and what to do about it is linked to multi-generational healing and creating or relearning ways of relating to each other and the creatures around us. It's also probably about arson and a ton of other things.