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"In terms of projects, I think the important thing is to free ourselves as much as possible from being under the control of the state and capital. The more we are also able to reconnect to other people, lifeforms and spaces as well, the better."


"There's no anarchism so far, rather it's Islamists, ethnonationalists and wannabe politicians drawing on local discontent, and the level of violence is sometimes extreme, but the potential is there for autonomous zones in future."

"In Europe and America at present I think the best thing is to create local nodes then try to network these outside of the major structures."

How? Can you elaborate on any attempts at this in the US? I imagine word of the support work greek anarchists have done for immigrant communities might trickle back to their home countries in phone calls or letters when they explain that these anarchists set them up in a squat or whatever, but how much does that do? It's not quantifiable, not that I need it to be.