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There's many INTENSE external forces and factors to the '60s national liberation movements that you aren't (just as thinkers of the time like Fanon weren't, more due to the obvious lack of historical distancing) taking into account here. Was Algeria a real independence war, in the sense that it was totally autonomous? I still ain't even sure about it. Looking at all the angles of foreign imperialist (or post-imperialist) influence, it's hard to find any example of national liberation movement where no foreign agency can be found. Algeria had ex-Nazi officers involved early on, for instance, and there was a reason why they wanted to remain hidden.

Anyways you're spot-on in your first paragraph, especially in regard to the absence of any notion of desire among today's ID pols crowd, and how it's light years away from the "libidinal" marxists of the '60s-'70s, who at least brought some much needed intellectual perspective on sexuality, instead of just misguided Butlerian superficial narratives tainted with moralism all over. I'd take these marxist analysis any day over the Anti-sex Committee of today's social media! And maybe it's a good idea to somewhat rediscover this tradition, just for critically growing out of it.