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Ok, for just a couple seconds let’s dwell on the fact that we’re talking about decolonization (which I know you pointed out is somewhat of a difficult word to define, because, uhh, the history of what that word usually entailed) & a proposed strategy that requires a huge undertaking of European & North American anarchist groups spreading ways of life to the global south. I can tell that what you’re proposing isn’t coming from a “I know better than you, follow me & I’ll save you” kind of place but I’m sure others would have a field day clumsily sweeping that perceived “white-savior” minefield.

But if you agree that that’s who we’re talking to on this site (mostly NA & Euro @‘s) & that neocolonialism was always a false solution & that if getting rid of these neocolonial states requires an anarchist response, then what are steps can we take to help from our limited positions that aren’t totally shitty?

Maybe anarchist college student groups can do something similar to the vein of how some of those Marxist ideas were introduced by international students returning home in the 60s. I’m wary of organizing like this, it’s odd to me for reasons I won’t get into. But maybe there’s something worth exploring.

Helping translate strong anarchist theory into as many languages as possible might be worthwhile, too.