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Well, they lasted 40 years as an open community and had numbers. I don't know how they eventually imploded.

The thing is, you're still arguing from a position where this kind of thing can't work but you can't really tell us why. It's a bit like saying "well, my demo only attracted 10 people so demos never work" or "my squat got evicted so squatting never works". Well, OK, maybe we now know it's not as simple as drop-out and it's utopia and the problems all vanish, and maybe we didn't know that in the 1960s. But the real question is, *why* these things go wrong. Treat the ones we've had so far as beta versions and patch them next time around so to speak. I've seen the scenario you're talking about, a couple of times with squats; other stuff has gradually got more mainstream, or was repressed. So what's your strategic propsals, other than stand up to petty gangsters, don't rely on wealthy benefactors and make sure there's a survival infrastructure in place?

I really don't find the grimdark "nothing works" approach politically helpful, since it's only real endpoints are, make our peace with the system or kill ourselves. If there's no way forward, then what are you trying to achieve?