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Also how would you go about spreading pro-situ theory? Maybe I'm jaded personally because I've tried locally to reintroduce situ concepts like psychogeography into anarchist discourse and have been met with, "Well, thanks for that, I guess." Shakes head. "Okay, now that that's over let's . . ."

Or honestly any theory? Just showing up and handing out leaflets to the downtrodden is something NA anarchists associate with missionaries. I guess some people went to Rojava, so people are willing to show up in another country and help "fight the good fight", but besides sending extra copies of literature to infoshops ("at the moment there's hardly any post-left anarchists outside the core (the odd insu, punk or eco group in Latin America, Turkey, Southeast Asia aside, and these generally urban groups)") , which I imagine are doing their own translation work, how do you do that?

Is it something similar to the Freedom Riders in the '60s driving down to the south and registering people to vote? But like, with books and good anarchy words? Is it an online thing? I know this sounds snarky but I do really appreciate your input, but seriously, how?