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I'm not sure TBH. I don't think people arrive at post-left anarchy mainly by reading stuff, it comes from desire. But the ideas need to be around for the desire to have the hooks to attach to. I've mentioned a few times that Latin American movements manage to politicise communities, and they use stuff inspired by Freire, but other that this I've struggled to find details. Generally they're encouraging Marxism but the same thing would work with post-left anarchy, eco-anarchy, egoism etc. I think it kinda starts with: what's the problems round here, followed by: what can you/we do to solve the problems round here (done as discussion groups not propaganda), used as a lever to show that things are fucked because capitalism and that they can be unfucked to some degree by autonomous action plus people feel more empowered. Like, OK, suppose it's a Brazilian shanty-town and there's problems with police violence, the response might be organise to confront the police or it might be organise an early-warning system when they show up. The problem might be food shortages, the solution might be guerrilla gardening or making a rural co-op in the surrounding area. The organising could be very similar to how the Marxists do it, but with better politics. I think there's two big differences between post-left anarchy and Marxism which are relevant to politicising communities: the rejection of compulsory collectivism and the politics of desire (and corresponding aversion to repression/control by communities themselves). The former just means a different content to the dialogical work, the latter we probably need a consciousness-raising or (anti-)therapeutic toolkit which at the moment we don't have. I think an autonomous person usually has a strong sense of their own desire which rises from the id, and rejects the subordination of desire to ego or superego; the desire is there in everyone but it's usually buried under their character-structure or caught in alienated or reactive forms - so we need replicable methods of dismantling the character-structures and activating the desires underneath. I suspect this works best if the project of increasing autonomy from capital (e.g. re work) and the project of creating autonomous groups and sites of intense experience are also going on at the same time.

& yeah it shouldn't be either 1) Trotskyist-style leafleting/paper selling, 2) idpol/Maoist-style service to the people or 3) service provision to communities by anarchists. The point is that the community solves some of its own problems and becomes more autonomous (and more libertarian), which in turn opens up a whole world of theories and experiences which otherwise aren't there.