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I ain't so sure about Latin America and I think that some Latino contributors of this site should be more in-the-know due to their background... but the post-left milieus appear to be mainly focused on urban environments.

This, aside from a spooky eco-extremist bunch in Mexico (who likely wouldn't take you at their places unless it's for throwing you down a very large boiling pot for a stew). And some native struggles there and there... but more "white-savior" shit? Also possibly interesting firefighters in Brazilian Amazon who also were reportedly fighting against loggers in some way. Brazil would seem to be a great place for giving it a go, if the brutal clusterfuck with violent gangs wouldn't be much an issue. Same applies to some Central American counties and parts of Colombia and Mexico, afaik.

Noteworthy that there's already bourgie eco-communities (by your usual White liberal yoga crowd) developing in these regions. Yes they're exclusive, yes they're private and for-profit and no they don't seem very friendly to anarcho-drifters and much less eco-autonomous radical communes. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be overrun by some anarcho-drifter mutiny. Most of them got some very comfy set up in place so most of the work is done already. These places are well advertised on sites like Workaway so pretty easy to locate. "Decolonize" what else can it mean to you?

Furthermore, unless you've been living in a cave the past several months, but the Covid situation has greatly balkanized these regions.