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yeah, there's like, decades of stories and different dynamics? the guy who's namesake is on the place was ill for a long time and elsewhere, during which time, other problematic ppl were slowly outstaying their welcome. every squat or land project that has a revolving door and lasts for awhile has these type of problems.

I had a machete flashed at me after one of these charmers told me where he kept his money. like, he offers the info unprompted, then gets paranoid, then brandishes a machete at the person who didn't want to know his bank details in the first place. real big brain stuff!

I had a random gas station worker try to talk me out of going there when I asked her for directions, cuz everyone was terrified of the place, much of which was yuppie bullshit but ANYWAY, not much about it was even remotely anarchist in this anarchist's opinion.

more just lumpen as fuck? which is fine but uhm ... don't tell me its the rain when poverty is pissing on my face.