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Nice fash-jacketing. But ironic: in many ways the idpols (lots of whom are white and middle-class) HAVE replaced the various strands of anarchism/anarchy (left, post-left, eco, etc) across a lot of anarchy's former range. Look at the multiplication of conduct codes and safe space policies in social centers and online anarchist groups for example. The trick is: not only are they authoritarians disguised as anarchists, they are also adherents of a puritanical ideology which has all its origins in Europe and Euro-America (American behaviorism and cybernetics, German-American puritan anti-body morality, Euro/American/Australian Third Way and Eurocommunism, French poststructuralism, Maoism based on European Marxism). But they spray around the signifiers "Black", "Indigenous", "decolonize", "racist", "white supremacist" until everyone imagines they are actually derived from colonized peoples and that Twitter deplatforming is an ancient Native American custom and the idea that people are just effects of positionalities is some ancient wisdom that everyone except Europeans already knows. I've met idpols who literally think that huge numbers of African workers and peasants are sitting around worrying about white Americans checking their privilege. This kind of ventriloquism, speaking "as" and thus "for" "the Other", has the effect of fooling a lot of nice (and not-so-nice) middle-class white people into amplifying this bullshit and fooling the poorer members of "their own" groups into dropping their pre-existing beliefs and their everyday concerns and throwing their energies into supporting the upward mobility of a nationalist elite fraction who happen to have/claim the same ethnicity or other positionality.