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"everyone, even most dumb people, know that it isn't possible to bring about through concerted efforts"
Wow, so unlike you, the orator for the common person. What is a "dumb" person? Maybe the invisible consumerist plebes have an emotional weakness which could be viewed through barbaric eyes as pitiful stupidity but by the empath as intelligent? My vernacular may not be talking on the same page, good conversation can create a bridge, but our relationships even to our pets, their pets, they consider almost worthy to die for. Social power and even thinking about it becomes like an annoying inferior triviality to some, ----who is going to feed the goldfish or the kids---how will I pay the rent---I wish I was indigenous before the colonizers came---wow, I can live on cats until my next government food voucher etc etc.
Everything has been tried, and new stuff is just old stuff in digital clothes, books mostly have screens, but the human relationships have remained the same for thousands of years. The individual who finds the autonomous zone within their own semantic reality destroys ideology and Disney in one blow. Just like if 1 million chimps beat on typewriters for 100 years non-stop maybe in one thousand years the complete works of Shakespeare will be produced. Like wise 1 million humans thinking about improving their living conditions for 100 years they will build stuff, as colonialists, for themselves and the indigenous to use, to make life better. Out of all this "better life" comes economy and greed people. Are greedy people dumb? Yes. So what do China do they take them to re-educate out of dumbness and into collectivist obedience and service. Social credit by face recognition cameras set up all over the city is no different to a moral code indoctrinated into a Western mind. All civilization is Auschwitz, like BB said, or Le Guins "The Ones That Walked Away from Omelas".
All the chimps typing and ideas talking will always in a civilization produce the victim, somewhere in a dark hidden unknown crevice of the city or even the tribal forest there is the sacrificed child or maiden or youth.
It seems that only the autonomous individualist can live a blameless silent contented life with their own esoteric knowledge and emotional psyche to guide them flawlessly through life.