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From the research I did, plenty of LA countries have been randomly shutting their borders to travelers, and even to transiting workers. Guatemala is still shut, and it's a major land obstacle for going either south or north. Some borders still are asking for negative PCR tests for entry, others not. For sure in general it seems less restrictive than other regions of the world. Situation appears a bit better in parts of South America I think.

A kind of balkanization is what we got with Covid measures. It got suddenly way problematic to travel the world, and each country came up with their own brand of Covid political opportunism.

Paramilitary-like gangs appear to be a major problem in these regions and I suppose you never know when or how bad it might hit your developing land utopia. Probably not unrelated as to why ELZN and FARC were armed groups or still are to some extent. But this view of mine could also have been fed by media perception management, and maybe things aren't that bad in most places.

I dunno about MST or MSTD...