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I also like Aragorn!'s Indigenous Anarchism piece, and have also been trying to track down another piece I read ages ago, before idpol got like it is today, with an ecological vision of radical indigenism. I think it was this:
Churchill is for land restoration but not dispossessing small landowners or sending people back to Europe, he's talking about basically a big mainly-Native American eco-territory on "a huge territory lying east of Denver, west of Lawrence, Kansas, and extending from the Canadian border to southern Texas, all of it “outside the loop” of U.S. business as usual", in areas which are either government land, existing reservations or economically insolvent, with a right to total secession which communities can choose to exercise completely, partially or not at all, bioregionalism, various kinds of compromises and pacted governance, and freedom to do as one likes aside from a fundamental rule of not displacing other lifeforms. Limited population and restrictions on consumption of scarce resources, which would probably lead to outflows of white suburbanites. The Plains get rewilded in the process. All rather interesting and much better than anything I've seen from recent idpols, not least because it's a definite proposal and it's workable if it got enough support. Certainly looks like decolonisation to me, without the guilt-tripping and compatible with most of the rest of anarchist and progressive politics, and getting around a lot of the reasons for defensiveness among white Americans; mostly it's the corporations and government losing stuff.

There's interesting stuff in Taiaiake Alfred as well, which I read awhile back. I think the Indigenous Studies literature only went to shit after about 2005. There's also interesting stuff coming out of Latin America on buen vivir and suchlike. Cusicanqui is an anarchist apparently.