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Interesting... how are you defining "problematic people"? How else would you deal with them, other than just put up with them or avoid them?

& yeah, my impression with anarchist and anarchic spaces (particularly working-class ones) is, the authoritarian personalities and middle-class snobs will self-exclude, there will be a range of psychological "types" including some paranoiacs, impulsive people, schizoids, addicts, any of whom can distress others or get in fights sometimes, and there will be the occasional sociopath or narcissist, but usually they'll be told to fuck off unless there's a power-hierarchy for them to dominate. So the problem of "Problematic people" kinda unpacks into 1) how to support people with psychological problems in anarchic spaces, 2) how to resolve/mitigate conflicts without machetes, and 3) how to stop the types more prone to concentrate power from doing so.

To tell the truth, it would bother me less some paranoiac threatening me to leave his stash alone than seeing pigs walking round with guns, particularly if I had some minimal self-defence skills. I daresay he couldn't use his machete to scare the whole site into not going outside at all except for work or 30-minute exercise, while also giving him half their income and refraining from telling him to fuck off... which makes him rather less scary than the state right now (though some of the Brazilian gangs *do* have that kind of power). Relative power-dispersal is increased anarchy even if it's not full anarchy; I suspect we won't fully figure out stuff like conflict resolution and psychology until we're further towards destroying the state and capital.