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"Would you seriously say that an impoverished white working-class man shooting a black female billionaire politician, even if he's a Nazi, is "hitting down" rather than "hitting up"?"

Not the other commenter you're replying to, but it's definitely "hitting down".

Why? Coz the Neonazi does so to eradicate Black people in charge, not to eradicate the wealthy.

ISIS also were "hitting down". Hitting down on women, children... and everyone that doesn't agree with their demented ideals. I haven't even seen much hitting up against Assad, as they were more focused on getting rid of their horizontal enemies.

To you @critic and a few others here: Quit trying to turn fascists into anarchist militants, okay? Coz everything is context and context is everything, and that includes "insurrections". Who does what for what purpose is more important than the means they use, and the means they use tell very little about the rationale and agency behind.

So what? So everything. As context is everything, dumbasses.