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This whole thing began bc @critic and others were saying anarchists, regardless of identity, should desert the cities and set themselves up innawoods on the periphery where they could be more successful in their struggles for autonomy and illegibility against the new police state. A logical proposition, wouldn’t you agree?

The argument started when some idtroll accused them of “white supremacy” for not wanting to live in the city where they are easier to monitor, track and control. In other words, the idtroll’s argument, if followed to the letter by [white] anarchists, would create a situation where more and more of the anarchist demographic, you know... pretty much the only demographic with an explicitly anti-state position, is under the boot and watchful eye of the urban cyber state, whereas @critics argument, if implemented, would lead to a situation where the state has less and less control over that demographic.

Hence, ignoring absurd fundamentalist idpol ideology in this hypothetical leads to a more anarchic scenario, out of the state’s control. How would you respond?

I think the problem most people have with your political religion and why they can’t take it seriously is bc you and others have stretched the definition of racism into something so broad as to amount to anyone or anything that disagrees with you and your religious doctrine, regardless of the outcome IRL.

It reminds me of WSBs ongoing Gamestonk insurrection. Wall st. hedge hunds are losing trillions of dollars as a result of coordinated market manipulation by mostly pissed off white dudes on Reddit and 4chan.

They have literally done more damage to the power structure apparatus in a few days than all the useless whiny protests and busted windows in the history of the world. But, because it’s mostly white dudes, SOME of whom have far right politics, the idpol left has automatically sided with Wall st. hedge fund managers and their state puppets who are desperately trying to stop WSB from burning down the financial system. Hence, yet another example of idpol contributing to a situation that favors capital and the state.

Well, I say “contributing”, but really all they’re doing is crying on Twitter for people to sell their stonks bc making billionaires cry on live television and driving them to want to kill themselves is “anti semitism” or wtv.

Fuck idpol. Be free. Move to the woods. Get into options trading. Follow WSB. Don’t sell. Crash the system.