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different anewsian here that's just bored af from this endless stupidity...

> ... A logical proposition, wouldn’t you agree?

no. this proposition is predicated on this narrow definition of what anarchists should be doing and also this idea of success and what that would look like. I disagree with this.

> The argument started when some idtroll accused them of “white supremacy” for not wanting to live in the city where they are easier to monitor, track and control.

this is false. all the "idtroll" said was "Zone's closed. Go colonize someone else's land." ( which caused @critic to flip the fuck out. there was no mention of cities or any of the other altered history you've mentioned. It was two singular sentences that hurt @critic's butt so badly that he's been ranting about it for days and has made everyone on anews dumber for it, not to mention has called all the racist idiots to the conversation.

> In other words, the idtroll’s argument, if followed to the letter by [white] anarchists, would create a situation where more and more of the anarchist demographic, you know... pretty much the only demographic with an explicitly anti-state position, is under the boot and watchful eye of the urban cyber state, whereas @critics argument, if implemented, would lead to a situation where the state has less and less control over that demographic.

none of this is real life. none of this needed to be falsely imagined in @critic's (nor your) butthurt brain. everything else in your (and every additional reply from @critic) is based upon a bad faith and provably false misreading of the original reply that launch these rants for days. because of this I won't continue to pick it apart because it's in your (and @critic's) head only.

we get it: dpol bad, poor white anarchist people can just as good as poor poc anarchist people. hurt butts hurt. the fordist state is bad. idpols are authoritarian acttually. organise in the woods to fight bad fordist state! fuck off authoritarian idpols! etc.

this is no longer the totw. let's move on to new adventure! to the woods perhaps? yay!