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You're trying to plant some type of plausible deniability in that moron zona's comment. The fact of the matter is that anarchic off grid existence WILL involve some kind of recolonization in the way that a non neologistic anthropologist would define colonization. What this ends up being about is the fallacy of dibs on land which is ANTI-FUCKING-ANARCHY. There is some basic truth to the song this land is yours and mine. The issue has always been state and land monopoly among other things. This is not even getting into the fact that there were land wars between archaic americans BEFORE euro-colonialism. A good example would be to look at that nazi colony that Nietzsche's sister founded. It's basically a bolo bolo type fash area that is all but harmless to the surrounding locals even though they are seen as inferior non German stock.

Me, the critic and other 3rd parties are not but hurt, we are just sick of your leftarded idpol institutional leftism which is millstoning any good and novel development of anarchy. The original reply was a fucking L post as many idpol 'anti-colonial' posts are. The bad faith ain't coming from the anti-idpollers. It's not a matter of binary good and bad, its a matter of who is driving and enabling capital state and institutional power and the answer is pretty obvious. You're a dead ringer for one with your stupid use of the word actually which is a key point of any kind of socratic styled logical debate. It's a rhetorical language tool idpols use to cover up the fact that your language is logically bankrupt.