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The zonut idiot in question did not even have an argument, just a stupid comment that one can infer is related ‘post-colonial ‘ IDpol purity and some erroneous notion who legitimate land inhabitants(a position that is inherently anti-anarchy).

This is the context for the non harmful colonization that I was bringing up. It actually has some racist in group preference remnants still going on but the lack of state/capital fortification makes these particular colonizers harmless. Stateification and aid by a power monopoly is ultimately the deciding factor in whether this becomes a greater problem and not the colonization itself. That’s my overall point and it stands irrefutable. This all shows that all ‘colonization’ ever was was a leftist neologism that masks a counter state building nationalist agenda.

The fact that zona’s argument would likely be that stupid and illogical is probably why they won’t make it beyond a stupid comment.

Also, yes, I’d like to see the swastika and 88 comeback. One of the annoying things about post ww2 leftism is how much occultic mythological territory they’ve ceded to various far right nazi ideologies. The symbols in and of themselves are fine and very much useful particularly if you like archaic occultism. There will be a time where your type will be seen as hysterical and overreacting.