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Thanks for the support 11.56 and 14.04 and SirEinzige.

To the haters (who also sound pretty butthurt to me; although I thought idpols weren't allowed to say butthurt cos muh rape culture?):

>Who are you trying to convince, why, and to what end?

I see a false claim, I rebut it. I'd *like* to convince the morons to open their minds, but that seems unlikely. I want any third parties reading this and sympathising with the idpol buzzwords to think more carefully.

>Also don’t be silly, everyone here knows your race, gender, name and ethnicity already

Was that a doxxing threat? Seriously, how low do you lot stoop?

>serve as a dog whistle for fascists and white supremacists.

Pretty hard to prove or disprove, since these "dog whistles" are only known to fascists and those who whistle them. But. Last time I ran into a fascist online they called me a n****r, a f*g and a Jew. Hardly what you'd expect if I was pandering to them.

*I have not said a single racist thing in this whole conversation*. It's not just racist because you disagree with it.

>all the "idtroll" said was "Zone's closed. Go colonize someone else's land."

Implying every rural/wilderness/land project is colonial (since I hadn't specified any particular zone). Implying autonomous zones as such are colonial. Completely indefensible claims hidden behind a vicious little comment which added nothing to the discussion. Which LOGICALLY means anarchists should stay in cities under ever-increasing surveillance so as not to offend idpols. Logical deductions of assumptions and implications are NOT "falsely imagined" in someone's "butthurt brain". You now try to gaslight us that the comment didn't imply any of these things and we're crazy to think it did. Logic = madness. Seriously, you belong in an Orwell novel. (Incidentally, the far right do *the exact same thing* with logical criticisms).