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Churchill claims the Great Plains agriculture is not economically viable and is propped up by subsidies. Take away the subsidies and most of it will collapse. The way he says it... doesn't really mention the fight these Republican-voting petty-bourgeoisie will put up about it. The same issue (subsistence small-scale production versus latifundia, corporate agribusiness, massive ranches) is playing out pretty violently in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

I wish you were right about the emerging holistic empathy system but it seems more like an emerging moralistic pranoiac hivemind which holds up harm/risk to arbitrarily singled-out "victims" as a baton with which to beat the wider field of social concerns, as in the covid crisis: like, we're all commanded to be holistically empathetic towards the abstract mediatised at-risk grannies to the point of not giving a fuck about the misery of stay-at-home, the starving poor, the suicides or domestic violence or ruined lives etc. We started to get holistic consciousness with the 2015 refugee wave but it a couple of little bangs later and the same holistic dynamic gets flipped.