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That's my take on what you do to play on the famous House Of Pain song. There is no clear delineated path to punch all the time. In the case of low class reactionary white types a certain amount of punching down makes sense to the degree that they are any serious threat. It also makes sense to throw a punch at certain black nat types or those with social conservative repressive viewpoints. Perhaps there should be deferred and default striking to those who hold fusional hegemonic default discursive power but this does not mean that those out of power don't warrant it.

I also, as a sperg who's into good argumentation, notice these idiots inability to make good analytical arguments. You'll notice they try to skirt logical forms of debate by using gaslighting rhetoric like 'ackchyually' or the deployed term 'whataboutism' as well as insulting terms like neckbeard toxic individuals. They do this because if they got down to ackchyal logical debate they'd be blown out of the water by those who aren't stupid and know the foundations of their worldview. I've done it to these types many times. Needless to say this has fundamentally retarded any continuing or emergent radicalism and is much more in the service of consensus institutional thinking(The Cathedral as some like to say) and a sign of recuperation and ideological capture.