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"A lot of today's fascism is just idpol of the white working-class. Complex is not fucking simple."

Let's also keep in mind how the ID pols that started it all was White supremacists and their enslavement of non-Whites, and non-males. This ID pols was clearly evident in the US colonies, at least within the political/financial class.

Sure, religious ID pols were HUGE back in the days in Europe, but in Modern era they were taken over by the new race/gender based ID pols, as religion was no longer as lucrative as it used to be while skin tone and sex (the binary organ-based identities, not the act) had become key factors of making profits in industrial scale exploitation.

"Identity" is a concept based on the assumption of being identical. So to socially format & flatten people to a point of being uniform drones. This works for the dead-eyed, conformist people without strong, assertive personalities irl. Just like with cults, it works a lot for these types...

Identity based on skin tone is an awful pattern. It's bluntly throwing people into boxes based on their external appearances. Now I know that as "White" dude, this "Black" person looks quite different to me... but that's just ONE THIN ASPECT of our persons. One exclusively physical, and visual aspect. Like some blind person will not see much a difference, beyond the accent that is related to ethnic-cultural background.

We may be living in similar conditions, have similar interests or views, have same sense of humor, might even have feels for each other. All this racial shit gets in the way of this. So this racial ID pols ends up being nothing else than a perpetuation of racism, by other means.

Identity categories are not real. The racism and sexism they create is real, yet their ID grounds are not. What I stand for is the absolute negation of social identity... toward a restitution of more realistic ontologies based on similarity, yes, but also uniqueness and diversity.