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And like, the thing is... there’s nothing saying that you necessarily have to associate with the idpol-left IRL. By all means, have a connection to your local scene, if you want, but just stay at a comfortable arms length away from their shitty dramas?

Don’t you figure that all the time and energy that gets spent on stressing over their bullshit would be better spent on researching ghost towns to relocate to, start a landproject, build a homestead, learn a trade to sustain it, start a side hustle to keep it funded, etc? Be honest, how much time are you wasting trying to argue with people who hold an opinion opposite to yours backed by towering levels of emotion? No one gets convinced this way. They’re not going to budge, and the whole thing is just a massive time-suck.

@critic, why don’t you start a podcast or an online distribution project? You’re a smart person. Why not organize your ideas into a more stable format like a blog or a zine, instead of casting your pearls to the swine in, of all godforsaken places, the comments section at @news? I mean, talk about a WASTE of potential! Why not contact an already existing publication like No More City and get your shit out there?

You can do better than this...