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1. There's a cause to believe that at least part of Western anarchists have been on board from the start with the Covid Dictatorship, and texts by these people have been published on this very site. These are our usual suspects, the social anarchists (or libsocs, ancoms... whatever they call themselves).

@critic's generalization is still gross and despotic, imo. As neither myself or several ppl visiting this site agree with the current dictatorial shift, and the latter got me very worried.

2. Because they're likely deep-down an authoritarian modernist, believing in cartoonesque "Good guys Vs Bad Guys" dichotomies, perhaps, or just not willing to accept that not all opposition is legit, and the some opposition just just be the Little Helper of whoever's in charge and their agendas.

3. Yep. But @critic's apparently warm-hearted feels for national liberation might be telling of a bias, here.