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Ok one thing or two about J6 you still apparently aren't getting:

- J6 was a "little Reischtag Fire" event. Not merely just for the Democrats, but for whatever State that'll be installed. All is there to support that claim... the bullshit/spectacular nature of the clown coup, and how in the hours and days that followed the remaining GOP opposition to the Biden election fell into line not only to confirm Biden but to further restrict "free speech" over social media, lockdown D.C. and else.

- anarchists had no stake in J6 whatsoever. The people behind J6 are dumbfuck political fanatics, regardless of where each and every gang is from. It's dumbfucks just like this guy: Yes, they are that stupid. On the other hand, they are playing their part willingly or not, in pushing for a reinforcement of security easures around government facilities, so the State just becomes the dictatorship they want! This is Al Qaeda politics.

Regardless of its apparent bullshit character, this was not an insurrection against the State but an insurrection for a dictatorship, or a more autocratic dictatorship than liberal democracy. Any anarchist who saw a cause in the clown coup is deeply retarded, no matter how anarchists feeling for US democracy are just being liberals.

But the only dictatorship that matters at the moment, now that the neonazi tools were put in the trash where they belong (at least for a while), is the Covid dictatorship, or more broadly the tech dictatorship. My concern when I saw J6 happening wasn't for the sanctity of democracy to have been violated, or for the lives of the bureaucrats inside. My concerns were for the obvious backlash and power consolidation in response, now that the Democrats are more powerful they ever been in half a century (bravo, "insurrectionists"!), and now it's very likely that the same Covid dictatorship you've seen applied in other countries will get passed in the US without much opposition.

And here I'm talking rule by decree... that's breaking up liberal democracy anyways, as well as re-balkanizing the whole fucking world. You like that, "anarchist"? Me, "anarchist", I really don't. Just like with Covid, we don't KNOW where it's going, what are the longer-term consequences, but it's much likely to stick around, and get worse.