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Claiming Responsibility by Anarchists

via athensindymedia Translated by Act for freedom now!

Thessaloniki, Greece – Claiming Responsibility by Anarchists

Politicians and capitalists, judges and prosecutors, bosses and bourgeois, must learn to fear and tremble at the power of the working class and the wrath of the organized proletariat. They alone are responsible for the impoverishment, marginalization, exploitation and oppression of the lower economic and social classes. Their vengefulness against anyone who fights for a better life is unmatched.

In no case do we ask for the slightest leniency. The answer of the antagonist movement must be proportionate both qualitatively and quantitatively. From supporting public gatherings and interventions, to night raids.

That is why on the night of Thursday 04/02 we placed an incendiary device on a vehicle of the diplomatic services belonging to the French consulate on Agrafon Street in Ano Poli, thus putting our own touch on the canvas of the multiform anarchist social-class struggle.

We dedicate this action wholeheartedly to the revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas who has been on hunger strike since 08/01. We do not want to elaborate much on the purely legal part of the case, since for anyone who has observed the legal acrobatics of the case even a little, the manipulation and paraphrasing of their own laws and rules show without any room for doubt that Dimitris Koufontinas is not treated like an ordinary prisoner. This is exactly the issue we want to bring up. The unyielding stance shown by this man, throughout his life is a threat from the bourgeois State and their lackeys’ worst nightmares.

As personally as this issue may be presented as a dispute between himself and this particular family that has been at the forefront of the exploitation and extermination of local and non-local people for decades, the roots in fact go much deeper.

Transatlantic American State-driven terrorism is still struggling to extract a statement of repentance from his hand, even at the age of 62 and after 18 years’ incarceration. An admission that would really be of the movement’s defeat against the State-capital mechanism. So they are targeting, as he has also stated, a man not so much as a physical being but for what he stands for and has stood for, for many years around the whole spectrum of social and class struggles. It is our duty to raise barriers of resistance both against the State agenda and the imperialist aspirations of the Greek government. It is our duty to uncover the military and police preparations for upgrading the arming and shielding of ‘defence’ from considered enemies both outside and within. Let no one be left alone in the sharp claws of the State and authority.

PS 1: While the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas is risking his life for the application of the laws that the bourgeois State has established and does not follow, at the same time the country’s prime minister comes out and announces that there is no money for health, sentencing hundreds of people to death, while spending 2.32 billion to buy 18 French fighter jets (Rafale), thus upgrading the air forces.

PS 2: Everybody at the mobilization of the student and educational unions about the fair fight they give against the new anti-educational law that goes to parliament vote on Wednesday 10/02.