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TOTW: Anarchy as a Service (AaaS)!

...but some nights I quickly fall fast asleep and I dream of the laptop catching fire and consuming the whole room, the whole world...and those nights I sleep well.

Most nights, in the moments before sleep relieves me of the day's dread I often find myself in a darkened room, illuminated by the sickly glow of my laptop screen thinking to myself, "how could better improve its offerings, functionality, user experience, etc. so that the community of anewsians could more satisfyingly (and anarchistically!) interact with one another and better engage with the always interesting and thought provoking article content?"

So, for this week's Topic I ask: if you were given the charge of improving (and/or the constellation of other services in the Anarchy Planet galaxy) what would you do to improve it? Would you add new and exciting features, a fresh redesign? Slick, new B-R-A-N-D-I-N-G? Would you increase or decrease moderation in the comments section to promote more good faith interaction? Would you remove anonymous commenting all together to more easily “deal with” trolls? Would you draft an Anarchistnews Anti-Oppression Policy (AA-OP)? Would there *only* be dark-mode, animated GIFs, a streaming video service, sick merch, like/dislike buttons, or something more?

What say you, creative anewsians, brave anarchyplaneteers, or visitors of all stripes who favor "building" things?