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Attack on Police Station in Central Java, Indonesia in Solidarity w/ Arrested Anarchist Toby Shone

via AMW

About four days ago when we found out an anarchist, Toby Shone, was arrested on the charges of terrorism (for fucking running a website) and possession of level A drugs, we attacked a local police station in which one of the pigs got burned in a city, located in Central Java. We do not know why there are no media coverage and we intentionally postponed the communique because of several reasons.

However we do not claim the incendiary attacks against several ATM machines a day ago by certain individuals or groups that we do not know of in the city of Yogyakarta. As there’s no claim of responsibility and only bombastic media coverage about the attack on several ATM machines.

Solidarity for every political prisoners! Monica Caballero, Fransisco Solar, Toby Shone, and others!

Solidarity means attack!

Vengeance Unit/FAI

Received by email.

Note: Photo is taken from an unrelated attack on a police post in Indonesia.