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with less personal failings then Bobzilla. That does not take away the fact that an anarchist supporting any marxoid vanguard statist capitalist power project is inexcusable.

Black has been turned down by a lot of publishers(there's a reason he found a home and got on with ancap loompanics) I doubt that's why he went after Ferlinghetti.

Alot of the odious personal behavior takes on BB are subjective calls. Black himself would admit to personal faults like not being able to keep friends. However some of the issues with him really are born of inner milieu moral faggery that I just don't acknowledge. Sicking the cops on the antisemitic dope fiend as revenge is not one of my problems. He pissed off a lot of people with provocative writing on leftist sacred cows that were and remain true. Personal failings do not obfuscate this fact. The next round of bohemians will likely be reading him and the other post leftists for note taking on what to do going forward into what looks to be a cybernetic bladerunneresque hellscape. Lawrence will have his place to, he just fucked up big time supporting the worst forms of leftism there was to support. You call that out just like you call out Prince Pete for backing WW1.